About me

Hello World 👋, Am Lucretius Biah 👦
Well, to describe myself on this page is a bit difficult as it is hard to find the right words to use.
Anyway, let's see how this ends...

My name is Lucretius and welcome to my part of the internet.
Am a 17 y/o self-taught developer and I can code in 8+ programming languages but my favourites are Python, JavaScript, Ruby and C++.

Am based somewhere in Wakanda🇬🇭.
Professionally, am a full stack developer. For Front-end, I normally use HTML, JavaScript and CSS or Sass. Then for backend development, I use PHP or Python or Ruby. When it comes to handling databases, I use MySQL. Also, I use Java when am developing android applications.

When am not coding...
Am a bookworm📘. My favourite story book is Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon.
It's a series, am yet to finish it.
Am also a gamer, I mostly complete every game I start (Not bragging). I have completed about 35+ games without cheats😎.
I love music too, but I don't have a favourite.
I write in my diary in my spare time, code when I have a computer close-by and play games when am bored.

That's all I can say for now.
Below are some stats about me