Me, Myself & I

Lucretius Kudadam Biah

Who am I?

Hello World👋, I'm Lucretius K. Biah 👦
Well, to describe myself on this page is a bit difficult, as it is hard to find the right words to use. Anyway, let's see how this ends...🤔

My name is Lucretius and welcome to my part of the internet.
I'm an 18 y/o self-taught developer and I can code in 5+ programming languages. My favourites are JavaScript, Python and Ruby.
I'm based somewhere in Wakanda🇬🇭

What I do

Simply put, I develop software and design websites.
I entered into the world of programming as a software developerwhich I still am starting with the Python programming language. Before Python, I used to code in bash and shell script.

Then I decided to learn HTML to create a webpage to showcase my software. I learned CSS to style it and JavaScript to make it interactive. I found writing HTML repetitive, so I decided to learn PHP and separate my HTML into chunks. MySQL followed because I started blogging and I wanted to store the blog posts in a database and render them with PHP.
Long story short, I became a web developer and learned fundamental web development skills.

Languages, Frameworks & Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Jquery
  • Ruby
  • Svelte
  • SASS
  • C++
  • MySQL
  • NodeJS

When I'm not coding...

I am a bookworm📘. My favourite story book is Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon.
I spend most of my time reading books, whether hardcopy or digital.
Also, I play games a lot. I almost complete every game I start(not bragging).

I love music 🎶 too, but I don't have a favourite genre.
I write in my diary📓 in my spare time, code when I have a computer close by, and play games when I am bored.

Certificates & Achivements