The FLAMES Game. Everything You Need To Know About It

The FLAMES Game. Everything You Need To Know About It
4 min read Mon Oct 18 2021

The FLAMES game is a game which is usually played by kids, it can determine the relationship between two people with the use of their names.

What is FLAMES?

Flames is an acronym which stands out for “Friends Lovers Admirers Marriage Enemies ‘Secret Lovers’ ”. This game can determine the relationship between two people with the use of their names. It is usually played among teens to find if they are compatible with their crushes😄. Well, I played some before and it was fun. Even though some websites use different meanings for the FLAMES acronym, it is good to stick to one definition. I suggest you stick to the definition above because it’s the perfect fit and also the meaning I’ve known since childhood.

Who Invented The FLAMES Game?

Though it is unknown who invented the game, research I made shows that the game was created around the 90’s, that’s a really really long time ago. And… it was played among kids and teenagers.

Is the FLAMES Game Real?

Simple answer, No. Other answer, well, it depends. The results you get after playing the game can actually go in your favour or it might not. Though it uses a simple algorithm, it can be real when it’s results are true for you.

Technically speaking, the results produced are not real, it’s just the results from a mathematical formula, so naa!!, It’s not.

How To Play The Game

The original version of FLAMES is played on a paper. So you will need a pen and paper.

  1. Write your name and your partner’s name on a piece of paper

On the piece of paper, you are to write your full name and your partner’s full name. Though this is not necessary, it is the best way to test your FLAMES. Also, don’t use nicknames.

For example; we will use the names “Tony Stark” & “Pepper Stark”

  1. Cancel out the common letters in both names

Now, you are to cancel out the common letters in both of the names irrespective of the case in which the letters are written in. Note that, you are only to cancel out an instance of the letter in both names, not all instances of the letter.

We then get “Tony” Stark & “Pepper Stark.

  1. Count the number of remaining letters

We then count the number of letters which were not cancelled in both names.

So we combine the un-cancelled letters and get “TonyPepper”. We then count the number and get 10.

  1. We then compare the number to the acronym FLAMES

So we start assigning each number to each letter in the acronym, like 1 to F, 2 to L, 3 to A… till we get to 10. If we get to the end of the acronym, we restart the counter till we get to ten. For example, 6 to S so 7 will then start at F again till we get to the end of the number.

So the number 10, will end at M. We then compare the answer to this simple table below.

Letter Meaning
F Friendship
L Lovers
A Admirers
M Marriage
E Enemies
S Secret Lovers

So, the relationship between “Tony Stark” and “Pepper Stark” is Marriage.


So fellas, that’s all about the FLAMES game. Also, I have built an online version of the flames game.

You can play it here. Make sure to write out your thoughts in the comment section