How to view source code of a website on mobile device

How to view source code of a website on mobile device
2 min read Wed Apr 07 2021

Most of the times, when we visit a nice looking website, we always want to look at it’s HTML source code. On desktop browsers, we simple just right-click and click on “view page source” from the context menu but there’s no option like this on mobile devices. So then, how do we view the source code on a mobile device?

If we are to observe carefully, whenever we click on “view page source” on a desktop browser, it opens a new url in this format view-source:https://path/to/url.
If we apply this same trick on a mobile device, it works as expected.

Steps to view source code

  1. Visit the website which you want to view it’s source code.
    A screenshot of Google's homepage

  2. Click inside the address bar and append view-source: before the url of the website.
    view source being highlighted

  3. Click the send button and the page will load with the source code of the file.
    Google's website

NB: Even though I used Chrome’s mobile browser, the method is the same in all the major browsers.